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Delivering the Next Generation - Health 4.0 - of Intelligent Transformational Healthcare Information Tools

Our Solutions       

An EHR framework that leverages the emerging modular applications defined by Meaningful Use and distributed and cloud computing technologies.

Community Health

Patient and physician connectivity solutions that allow for improved outcomes and cost effective health delivery.

Physician Solutions

EMR, Practice Management, patient health profile and messaging, and secure Web based access to complete patient information from anywhere.

RHIO and State Solutions

Data sharing between disparate systems to ensure patient information is available when and where it's needed and health intelligence tools for population and community health management.

Hospital and Health System Solutions

Delivering health intelligence directly to the point of care and enabling bidirection EMR connectivity.

Strategic Planning

Trying to navigate the path to Stage 3 is formost for most heatlh organizations and our planning group can help you get there with creative, cost effective and robust solutions.

Contact us for more information on how mdDigest can help you deliver on comprehensive healthcare technology plan.


Connected Community Health       

mdDigest has built a cost effective primary-care practice model to provide an information-based, connected healthcare system. Our e-Health Groupware solutions begins at the physician's practice level and will include the digital health information technologies required to help doctors deliver coordinated and patient-centered care. It is easy to setup and easy to use!

mdDigest is addressing the issue that even if doctors have an electronic medical record system, the data will remain locked in separate silos, preventing the providers from effectively coordinating patient care beyond the boundaries of their own practices.

mdDigest delivers a healthcare platform that efficiently and affordably interconnects and digitizes healthcare systems to help them integrate their healthcare system. mdDigest has produced an affordable and flexible EMR-enabled medical home practice that can be adopted by health systems and primary care practices across the United States to provide patients with the personalized, information-based care needed to improve healthcare delivery.

mdDigest provides organizations with a supported community based version or they may acquire the enterprise version with full support and implementation services. Additionally, the solution can be implemented through our Health Cloud infrastructure.

Announcing WebAhead Scheduling       

WebAhead SchedulingTM for Personal Service Companies

If your company is in the service industry WebAhead scheduling can help you grow your business. In most personal service organizations the top ways to grow business are to:

1) Keep current customers coming back
2) Landing new customers.
3) Manage your direct costs

Learn more about how WebAhead Scheduling is the premier scheduling solution for urgent care and emergency department's and join us for upcoming Webcasts!

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mdDigest Community Edition       

mdDigest distributes a Community Edition of the e-HealthGroupware application. This release includes the EMR and Practice Management system released as an open source, .NET installation. The Community Edition includes the doctor and patient connection tools that are much needed to work through meaningful use. Organizations should find the application helpful in specing solutions that will help them on their path to Stage 3 requirements.

Open and extensible solutions like this are the best way prepare your organization for meaningful use. This solution set can be self certified for meeting the ARRA requirements for meaningful use.

Download the latest copy.

Rapid Health Connectivity       

When you implement our innovative suite of software products, e-Health Clinicals, e-Health Portals, and mdData, you will have implemented a premier platform of connected health. This suite allows HIT professionals to deploy, run, develop, and integrate healthcare solutions with blazing speed. Our set of connected healthcare tools, e-Health Groupware, allows hospitals, IDN’s, and HIE’s to improve patient care while reducing costs. Whether creating a connected community from a small solo practice to single hospitals, or large regional health initiatives e-Health Groupware provides a breakthrough solution for rapid deployment for connected health. 

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